Dear Resident, 

The mission of the Blairstown Department of Recreation is to service the recreational needs of our residents and to develop a variety of programs that fit and address these needs. These programs and events provide opportunities for physical activity, education, social interaction, creative development, and merely for the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment.

Please refer to the Program Information Chart for the times, dates, location, age, and general information. The Program Description will provide an explanation of what the program entails. Registration Information states our policy and procedure for registering for our programs along with our non-resident policy.  A blank Registration/Waiver Form is available.  A special registration form must be used for our Summer Day Camp program, as noted below.   Please refer to Sports Groups if you need contact information on a Sports Organization.

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FALL 2019 to SUMMER 2020

Program Information Chart   

Program Description

Registration/Waiver Form

Registration/Waiver Form – For Summer Day Camp Only

Registration Information

Parks and Field Facilities

Sports Groups

       Patricia M. Sagan, RA, Director

         Joanne Van Valkenburg, Liaison

        Phone: 908-362-6663 Ext. 232

​                  Fax: 908-362-9635


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