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New Resource for Broadband: Affordable Connectivity Program

ANCHOR Program

Residents should have started receiving information regarding the ANCHOR program.
The ANCHOR program replaces the Homestead Benefit program and expands the amount of property tax relief while also boosting eligibility to twice as many homeowners and includes tenants. The deadline for filing an ANCHOR application is Friday, December 30, 2022.
To be eligible, homeowners must have:
· Been a New Jersey resident; and
· Owned and occupied a home in New Jersey that was their principal residence (main home) on
October 1, 2019; and
· Paid the 2019 property taxes on their main home; and
· Had 2019 New Jersey gross income of not more than $250,000.
To be eligible, tenants must have:
· Been a New Jersey resident; and
· Rented and occupied an apartment or residence in New Jersey that was their principal residence
(main home) on October 1, 2019; and
· Lived in a unit with its own separate kitchen and bath facilities (if the building had more than one
· Paid rent on their main home, which was subject to local property taxes; and
· Had 2019 New Jersey gross income of not more than $150,000.
Applicants will choose to receive their benefits either as a check or direct deposit.
If you do not receive the application within two weeks contact the State Division of Taxation at: (888) 238-1233.

Did you Know

Effective February 23, 2022 all Township meetings will now be on YouTube for you to watch at your convenience.  Meetings will be uploaded after the meeting.

Planet Network

Please go to the Planet Networks site at to answer a few questions to help bring high speed internet access to Blairstown.
Probably the worst problem faced by our residents is the lack of adequate internet service. This impacts businesses, working from home, in home education, or recreation. As you are probably aware Service Electric Cable TV – NJ was purchased by Altice several months ago. Hopefully, those of you who are served by Altice will see improved internet services in the near future.
But, many areas of our township are served only by CenturyLink. CenturyLink constructed a $30 million upgrade to their system in northern Warren County over the past several years. I personally have experienced an improvement, if you can call it, from a 1.5 meg to 6 meg download speed. Wow!
Over the next several years, Planet Networks from Newton will be wiring many roads in the area for high speed (currently up to 1 gigabit fiber connections) internet service. Rates are: 175 meg up/down m$59.95, 300meg up/down m$74.95, 500 meg up/down m$89.95, & 1gb up/down m$109.95.
They are gauging interest in their service and are asking residents to complete a short survey at If much faster internet speeds sound intriguing, complete this survey.
Get your neighbors to complete the survey. If many homes in the same areas respond favorably, your area might be the first wired. Help bring high speed internet service to Blairstown!
But in the meantime, Planet Networks is offering very reasonable prices to connect your home to an existing Altice cable TV line bordering your property.
Many residents have complained to me that because of their home’s distance from the roadway, Service Electric CTV gave an exorbitant price estimate to connect. I’m not sure if Altice’s connection cost will be less than SECTV, but Planet Networks might be a cheaper alternative.
You can ask for a connection quote from Robert Boyle at Planet Networks at I have heard that homeowners in our area who have used Planet Networks to connect with Service Electric were at a fraction of the cost estimated by SECTV.